The World?s Antithesis and Antidote Its Hope
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"This book confronts the inconvenient truth that we, our Lord Jesus Christ?s church, have failed him in being not united as one in mind and purpose and will, and it would be tragic if we remain divided. It shares the life of waiting on God to see what he would do in and with our lives as an efficacious way of leading the righteous life, the life of faith in God lived in the fear of the Lord, to bathe in his love, joy, and peace, i.e., the joy of life that allows him to transform us into conformity to the image of Christ. It shares the knowledge fundamental to our faith as a belt of truth to gird our loins to stand strong in our faith in God and meet the challenges Satan, our one true enemy, pose. It puts forth God?s vision for us, his church, to be the world?s antithesis and antidote, its hope to bind us as one in mind and purpose and will so that the world may believe that God had sent our Lord Jesus to save the world.

It will also introduce you to four basic life principles?the principles of origin, intricate unity, order and harmony, and authority to better discern and appreciate the truths found in the Bible, such as our being dichotomous-cum-triune beings, the reality of the afterlife, of faith in God being innate in us, how we are to function from within our being out."

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