The Forgotten Midbrain
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"The brain is the most complex organ in the body. Although we often hear about the left or right side of this organ, the midbrain also serves an important function that acts like a control panel in our internal computer systems. Therefore, midbrain activation is predicted to be the trend of the future as more people learn that the secret to accelerated learning lies within the power of the brain.

In a practical guidebook, Dr. David Ting relies on years of detailed research to share insights into a structured system that helps anyone awaken the sleeping genius, activate the midbrain, and ultimately achieve incredible memory power and accelerated learning. Through personal stories, diagrams, and facts, Dr. Ting shares valuable information on how to keep our brains healthy, the differences between normal and super brains, and the benefits of midbrain activation. Students of his system will learn how to improve concentration and creativity, read at superspeed levels, memorize a plethora of information, and gain confidence and leadership skills.

The Forgotten Midbrain Activation shares facts, stories, and tools that will help anyone upgrade the autopilot within to unleash the full potential of the brain and achieve success in life."

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