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"Looking for some practical psychological and spiritual solutions to life?s dilemmas and mysteries? In this book a Unity minister shares her journey of seeking and finding ways of not only surviving but thriving in the midst of life?s ups and downs. This is a collection of short talks that Rev. Julie Keene has given over her thirty year career as minister and workshop leader.
Helpful & inspirational messages appear in each of the following sections:
The Cosmic View
Weave Us Together in Love
Walking Through Our Storms
Justice, Mercy, Forgiveness
Happiness, Joy, Laughter
Hope Can I Help?
Ask. Reverend Julie
Julie Ireland Keene has served
Unity ministries in Missouri,
Ohio, Idaho, Utah, and Florida.
She also traveled extensively
throughout the United States
speaking and presenting workshops.
She is the author of several books
including her spiritual autobiography,
From Soap Opera to Symphony,
Website: www.Jewelskeenespirit.com"

Exhibited At: International book fairs