Jazz Fly 3

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In Jazz Fly 3, the drummer Fly takes readers on a high seas adventure while adding French words to his Spanish and jazz scat. The international cruise ship provides the backdrop for mingling; French and Spanish speaking insects from Caribbean Isles swap phrases. And stowaway termites playing guitar, trumpet, and percussion join the original Jazz Bugs quartet. But soon the lovesick Captain Cockroach leaves the helm, and pirate crabs, drawn to the buffet, invade. When tropical winds smash the ship against shoals, The Jazz Bugs must help panicked passengers disembark (“Their reggae beat helped them to breathe and sway…Their cha-cha-cha moved them along their way.”). But after passengers paddle to safety in lifeboats, the Jazz Bugs wind up separated—and lost—at sea. Which sea creatures will test the musicians’ ingenuity and why must the Fly count to seven in French? Slightly longer and more musically varied than the award-winning Jazz Fly and Jazz Fly 2, this book will keep young listeners moving with authentic Afro-Caribbean grooves.


Matthew Gollub is a nationally known children’s author, speaker, and performer. He has created 19 picture books which together have garnered 25 national awards and distinctions. His musical narrations on CD accompany some of his most popular books, including The Jazz Fly and Jazz Fly 2: The Jungle Pachanga. A dynamic drummer and bilingual presenter, he has also performed at more than 1,000 elementary schools nationwide. Karen Hanke is the illustrator of the multiple award-winning Jazz Fly series. She also designs toys and game. A full-time artist and an avid long distance runner, she lives with her husband and their four English bulldogs.