George Washington Carver for Kids

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        George Washington Carver was a scientist, educator, artist, inventor, and humanitarian. Born into slavery during the Civil War, he later pursued
an education and would become the first black graduate from Iowa Agricultural College. Carver then took a teaching position at the Tuskegee Institute, founded by Booker T. Washington. There, Carver taught poor Southern farmers how to nourish the soil, conserve resources, and feed their families. He also developed hundreds of new products from the sweet potato, peanut, and other crops, and his discoveries gained him a place in the national spotlight.
        George Washington Carver for Kids tells the inspiring story of this remarkable American. It includes a time line, resources for further research, and 21 hands-on activities to help better appreciate Carver’s genius. Kids will:
  • Turn a gourd into a decorative bowl
  • Construct a model of a sod house
  • Brew ginger tea
  • Create paints using items found in nature
  • Grow sweet potatoes
  • Build a compost bin for kitchen and yard waste
  • Learn how to pickle watermelon rinds
  • And more!


Peggy Thomas is the author of 20 nonfiction books for children and young adults, including Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation and Farmer George Plants a Nation. She has worked closely with local and national leaders of Agriculture in the Classroom, the American Farm Bureau, and Future Farmers of America. Her website is