Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume III - Gift Edition

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More About This Title Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume III - Gift Edition


Joyce Sequichie Hifler offers this beloved collection of daily meditation books drawn from her own rich Cherokee heritage and that of other tribes. She presents readings for each day of the year from Una la ta nee', the cold month January, to U Ski' Ya, the snow month of December. Each reading provides insights in both English and Cherokee, and gems of wisdom recorded in the words of native speakers. This little treasure is for readers of all faiths, and for those seeking faith.


Joyce Sequichie Hifler is an author of many books and the nationally beloved inspirational column Think on These Things. Descended from the Sequichie family who emigrated to Oklahoma over the Trail of Tears, she grew up in Cherokee country in rural Oklahoma. Today she lives with her husband outside Bartlesville, Oklahoma.