The Trader's Guide
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"Have you ever wanted to be your own boss and have financial freedom? Have you ever considered trying to make trading your main source of income, but you couldn?t figure out how to do it?
Are you going through a trading dilemma, learning something new, and then finding yourself stuck with lots of information and no results?
Are you stuck in various trading cycles, learning all the time, but still can?t figure out how to really trade successfully? And wondering why some people succeed and some don?t?
Are you searching for a strategy that could generate you consistent profits month after month?

In the Trader?s Guide you will find the answers to these questions and more. This book provides a clear, winning, step-by-step guide to:
- How to successfully trade in the Forex and Commodities Markets, or any financial markets
and generate consistent profits.
- How to use proven techniques to find winning trades that generate real profits consistently.
- Learning lessons and tips from the author?s 15+ years of experience as a proprietary trader.
- Price action trading formulas that will get you up to speed trading as soon as you finish reading
this book.
- Risk Management rules that you can follow in order to succeed in any financial market.
- How to create a trading plan that becomes your own personal business plan.
- How to have clear trading business routine and follow it on a weekly and daily basis."

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