Lifting Waits
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"? A girl dressed in blue stands on a cliff.
Her gown curdles round the swirling winds.
Her tears fall like raindrops in a storm.
Clouds lift her from rocky shores
and cradle her wounded soul ...
? Patricia M. Robertson

Patricia Robertson believes in sharing both the dark and light aspects of her existence as she spiritually transforms and experiences the world and all it has to offer.

In her first collection of poems, Robertson offers a glimpse into the funny, angry, happy, and sad years of her life. She learned to navigate through both good and bad relationships, sometimes listened to voices that were not her own, wondered about her purpose, set out on journeys of love, released her spirit, questioned where she went wrong, and walked through a raging fire to find heaven.

Lifting Waits shares one womans? reflections as she explores the wide variety of emotions that accompany living a full life with an open heart."

Exhibited At: International book fairs