Scent of the Beast
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"A tanker is discovered grounded on a desolate beach hundreds of kilometers from civilization in the Kimberley region in North Western Australia. Investigators find the vessel empty and crewless, with a strange jagged hole in the hull at the waterline. Was it an accident? Yet this is the third vessel to run aground on these remote and isolated shores in a matter of months.

Two years later, Police Superintendent Jake McLynn is instructed to investigate strange happenings in small indigenous communities in that vast wild land. Alarmed by what he finds, he sets in motion alerts in all the major communities encircling the Kimberley. Something unprecedented is threading its deadly mesh through the wilds. Something relentless, brutal, unsympathetic is heading for the major townships encircling this vast land, decimating local fauna in its path. And it?s developing a symbiotic relationship with some creatures that join in its destructive surge outward.

Superintendent McLynn comes to realize the nature and extent of this increasingly powerful force and warns a disbelieving world. He prepares his communities and colleagues to confront a foe that could potentially threaten not only his communities but also all humanity. Yet meanwhile, as the threat draws nearer and nearer, political inactivity at the highest levels is thwarting his attempts to avert the growing crisis that will endanger all their lives."

Exhibited At: International book fairs