Planet of Dinosaurs
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Planet of Dinosaurs
Millions of years ago, long before there were any people, there were dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, one of several kinds of prehistoric reptiles, dominated the Earth for over 165 million years during the Mesozoic Era, but strangely went extinct 65 million years ago. Now, they are no more in reality but their existence is still felt in the museums, books and films. Children love to read about these creatures of long ago. And so, we have compiled the book about dinosaurs in a precise manner. Hope that children will find this book educational and interesting!
Volumes in this Series:
• Combat for Food
• The Great Dinosaur Expedition
• Fearsome Lone Ranger
• The Horrific Claws
• Battle of the beasts
• The Long Necked Beasts
• Dangerous Little Monsters
• Vicious Hunters
• Terrible Teeth
• Fast and Ferocious

Exhibited At: International book fairs