Bees Like Flowers
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More About This Title Bees Like Flowers


BOOK 2 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books.

Watch our happy, helpful friend the Honey Bee, always so busy and buzzy and find out why bees and flowers are such good friends. Illustrations using vivid colours include many real flower species which children may recognise from their garden or have seen growing in the wild, 3 of them are named at the end of the book too. The narrator shows us what these fascinating bugs have been getting up to in her garden.

What we can learn:

Simple ideas about the life of a bee
Bees are insects

Some common flowers: Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower

New words: Insect, Pollen, Nectar, Hive, Honeycomb, Blossoms

WORDS: 262
LEVEL: Preschool to 6yrs

MUMMY NATURE series - nurturing children's curiosity Each book in the series is one mini nature lesson wrapped up in colour and rhyme. These books are intended for very young children including toddlers and will give them just a glimpse into some of the wonders of the natural world. Illustrated for maximum vibrancy and visual impact, using rhyme to engage young minds and encourage participation. Read the rhymes to your children and soon they will be reading them to you!

The narrator is a small child and keen observer who tells us in short rhyming phrases everything she thinks we should know, and all about the magical things she sees around her. Sometimes she is camouflaged in the long grass and other times she has to climb a tree to get a better look.


***** 5 star review by Kristine Hall for Readers' Favorite

In Bees Like Flowers by Rebecca Bielawski, children will read along and learn as our happy young narrator shows readers, in a very simple and non-threatening way, that bees are worthy of a closer look. Author Rebecca Bielawski uses rhyme along with beautiful illustrations to explain the process of pollination and where bees live, and she throws in a few gentle words of caution about stings. In a supplemental section at the end, insects are defined and flowers shown in the story are identified, and there's even an invitation to young readers to go back and find the flowers in the illustrations. Whether used as a read-aloud or for new readers to tackle alone, Bees Like Flowers is a fun and appealing teaching tool about the life of bees.

The rhyming is very well done and kudos to Bielawski for using simple phrases and easy to read print... The illustrations are what really put it over the top.This book is so cute that readers will want to hug it. For starters, the sweet-faced little girl narrating the story is precious and obviously precocious, and she's not afraid to climb a tree or get her hands dirty as she tromps about nature. And NATURE! Nature is drawn so vividly and beautifully - the bees have soft, gentle expressions and are definitely represented as friends, not foes. While some of the flowers do have faces, others are drawn very realistically where children would be able to identify them in their own yards and gardens. Though the location isn't ever specified, readers will want to immerse themselves in the lovely setting of Bees Like Flowers, and this book will be read again and again.

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