God in Us
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"In his lives, author Dr. John Sjostedt has been a soldier and a priest as well as a farmer in Iraq, a squaw with children, an Indian Sadhu, and many other incarnations. These experiences have given him a larger understanding of the world. With this sweeping knowledge, he shares a thought-provoking and spiritually enriching look on religion and its iterations.

Through the collection of writings in God in Us, Sjostedt addresses an array of topics, including:

The Law of Intended Consequences and free will
Modifying and moderating free will
The Jews and the Essenes
Jesus, the origins of Christianity, and the Bible
The divinity of Jesus and the Christian church
Parallels between Christianity and Paganism
God in us
Attaining enlightenment
The presence of evil
When God becomes wanton
Lucifer?s tale

In God in Us, Sjostedt begins to unravel the content of Jesus? true gospel. An agnostic, Sjostedt argues God is an unprovable hypothesis. He cannot prove he exists, but others cannot prove he doesn?t. However, the beauty of the world attests to the hand of God. God is the one power in from whom all life and matter evolve."

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