The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos
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#1 Amazon Best Seller! ─ The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos

Learn the secrets to composition: There's a common misconception that composition is mysterious and that only certain people have that natural gift for the techniques involved. The truth is that composition involves a set of skills that you can master. Just as you can use cookbook recipes to make your favorite meal―you don't have to be a famous French chef―you also can take amazing photos by just following a recipe!

Easy-to-follow photography composition recipes: Marc Silber has spent years studying the works of masters and interviewing some of the biggest names in photography. Now he can provide you with simple and easy-to-follow recipes for creating photographs that you and others will love! The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos puts at your fingertips ideas for improving your skills by giving you easy-to-follow "recipes" that will improve your photography right now! Take your photography to the next level: Composition is one of the biggest keys to creating photos that others will love. No matter what kind of camera or smartphone you're using, you can take your photography to the next level and beyond by learning composition tools and secrets known to the masters of the art.

Carry The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos in your camera bag: The book is compact in size and easy to carry with you, so you can flip to the look you want and follow the recipe for creating an image that inspires you. Use it when you're out photographing to get new ideas and inspiration. You'll be able to rapidly up you photography game by learning the skills in Picture Perfect Processes.

Key benefits of owning The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos include:

  • Taking better photographs today by learning the keys to composition
  • Having quick and easy to follow "recipes" for composition at your fingertips
  • Learning the secrets of composition from the masters of classical art and photography


Marc Silber is the author of the number-one bestselling book Advancing Your Photography, an award-winning professional video producer, photographer, and photography educator who has been successfully working in the field for decades. Marc combines his passion for the visual art of photography with his love of life.

He started out learning darkroom skills and the basics of photography at the legendary Peninsula School in Menlo Park, CA in the ’60s, and moved on to hone his skills to professional standards at the famed San Francisco Art Institute, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in art and photography in the United States.

Since then, Marc has been an dedicated educator; he began his teaching career at the age of nineteen at the National Outdoor Leadership School, teaching mountaineering. When teaching a life-or-death subject such as mountaineering, one learns how to make sure the students understand the material; when Marc moved into teaching photography in workshops all over the country, he became renowned as an engaging and helpful speaker and coach, as his greatest joy comes from helping others.

Most recently, Marc has embraced the digital age with a highly popular YouTube show also named Advancing Your Photography, which has won several Telly Awards and other recognition for his work there.

This new book on composition, The Secrets to Taking Amazing Photos, is a distillation of all the pro tips and wisdom from his YouTube series, coupled with his research of the master artists in a format you can take with you and refer to constantly when you are out creating your photographs.


The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos:

Lighting and Composition Secrets from the Masters

Preface – MCS


How to use this book to create amazing photos

Part One: Recipes for ____ (final number) composition techniques, with examples of each. They could be used on their own or combine them

Definition of Composition: It is how you arrange your subject within the frame of your camera.

1. Framing: Putting an edge around it.

2. Framing: Placing it in the frame of the camera

3. Landscape and portrait.


4. Flat angle (head on)

5. High Angle looking down

6. Low angle looking u

7. Side angle

8. Points of thirds.

9. Use geometry

10. Leading lines

11. Diagonal

12. Symmetry

13. Viewpoint

14. Punctuation points

15. Gestures.

(Examples from Composition Made Easy)

16. Steelyard

17. L

18. Grouped Mass

19. Three spot

20. Silhouette

21. Tunnel

22. Pattern

23. Golden mean

24. S curve

25. O

26. U

27. Diagonal line

28. Triangle

29. Cross

30. Radiating line

31. Balance scale

32. Emotions in composition: Mood lines

search for other composition references

Part Two: Recipes for Natural Light

1. Observe light sources.

2. Seeing as your camera does.

3. Color temperature and WB

4. Sunlight at different times of day.

5. Golden hours

6. Direct sunlight

7. Shade

8. Overcast, cloudy.

9. Blue hour

10. Reflected light (sand, windows, walls, etc.)

11. Vermeer lighting.

12. Rembrandt lighting

13. Light from inside the frame.

14. Motherwell

15. Bouncing light.

16. Using reflectors.

17. Contrast.

18. Exposing for highlights.

19. Leave mystery with lack of detail in darks.

Envoy: Putting these skills together to tell your stories: Share them with #AYPClub and read AYP.

(Glossary shouldn’t be needed since text will define and index also not needed.)


“The popularity and accessibility of photography are at an all-time high, but within the masses of image makers are those looking for a deeper understanding of the process of photography itself. There are those looking for the unique, the original and the knowledge required to craft remarkable moments. Marc Silber’s The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos details and describes the compositional building blocks of successful photographs. Great photography requires commitment, education, practice and even luck. Silber’s book is a roadmap to the starting line.”

Daniel Milnor, photographer“Once again, with this book, The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos, Marc Silber proves to be a wonderful and worthwhile compendium of photographic knowledge, tips, tricks, survival skills, and historical perspective. This book is a go-to collection of lucid composition strategies and tools for any photographer who is striving and seeking to up their game in the fast pace endeavor known as digital photography. Joe McNally, internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer