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More About This Title Hiking


Easy-to-read text, full-color photos, and captivating graphics introduce the sport of hiking. Topics include hiking locations, equipment, rules, and safety. Readers will learn about hiking in national and state parks, as well as items to bring on a hike and how to hike with minimal impact on the environment. Hiking boots, hiking sticks, and internal and external backpacks are discussed in detail. A kid-friendly recipe teaches readers how to make trail mix, and easy-to-follow directions teach them how to dry their own fruits. In addition, readers will learn how to purify water. Hiking etiquette and environmental conservation is also addressed, as well as safety and first aid. Exciting, enlarged photos of plants and animals show readers what to watch for during a hike. Informative sidebars, helpful tips, bold glossary terms, and an index accompany engaging text and interactive graphic elements to give readers a basic understanding of hiking.


Horn Book Guide, October 2008