The Way of Achievers
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More About This Title The Way of Achievers


"Throughout your life, what you choose, what you believe, and how you spend your time combine to determine whether you achieve. You can leave your fears and doubts behind and embrace the way of achievers, and author Maitha J. Al Shamsi can help.

The Way of Achievers seeks to lead you to the discovery of your personalized path for success. Peppered with anecdotes of one woman's powerful journey towards financial freedom and achievement, it offers with coaching exercises, worksheets, and practical tips designed to point you in the right direction. Using these tactics, you can create your vision, plan for success using an effortless formula, become financially free, create your own business and other income-generating mechanisms, and overcome all obstacles that stand in your way.

This self-improvement guide presents strategies to inspire you to keep moving and achieve your mission, grow your accomplishments, and build the independent life you dream of."

Exhibited At: International book fairs