Your Thoughts Matter
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"Your Thoughts Matter explores the power of your thoughts and how changing your thoughts can change your destiny.

Everything is created twice. It is first a thought before it becomes a thing.

I have come to recognize and realize that the major stumbling block that prevents and obstructs most people from achieving the results they desire in their lives is what lies between their ears, that is, their thoughts. Thought creates reality. I?m referring to the dominant thought patterns in the thinking mind. Your dominant thought, when impressed upon your subconscious mind, becomes your paradigm, which generates your feelings. Your feelings determine the energetic state of vibration in your body. The vibration of your body makes you act in a certain way, and working with the universal laws and practising spiritual principles produces the results you desire.

In the final analysis, this book reinforces the truth that our thoughts are powerful and that we are greater than our history, conditions, and circumstances. We are the master of our own destiny. Your Thoughts Matter. Change your Thoughts and Change your Destiny!"

Exhibited At: International book fairs