Moore, than a Pretty Face
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More About This Title Moore, than a Pretty Face


"Ella Jade Moore is young, beautiful, career driven, and happily married?or is she? She loves her husband. The more she thinks about it, the more she wonders if other people fake happiness, too.
The struggle between playing the good girl and embracing her dark side now begins to threaten Ella?s adult existence.
Ella has completely forgotten who she is. She must decide what she wants and whom she wants to be, and a promotion at work might help her make that decision, and help her find herself again especially when she meets her new boss.
Ella has always been beautiful, catching the eye of people around her. As a true believer in karma she must consider where does her reality start and fantasy end.
Acutely aware of her actions, is she riding the wave of life, or is this the calm before the storm?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs