The Ultimate Treasure
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The system of the world is deliberately set up to make genuine life of faith and sincere love for God an extremely difficult or utterly impossible adventure. Learn how not to become a victim of the deceitfulness of sin and the enticing pleasures of this present world. Learn how to consciously deepen your desires for the Ultimate Treasure which is the treasure of the Kingdom of God, his love, joy, peace, power and presence. Learn how to awaken your appetite for the things of God. You will experience an increase to your passion for God so that nothing will be able to assuage your thirsts or satisfy your hunger until you have been filled with all the fullness of God. You will come to the point where God is not one of the many things you need, but ALL that you need. This is where the Ultimate Treasure will lead you. Cultivating a deep-seated and ever-present hunger for God begins with an awareness.