Why You Are Ill and How You Will Heal
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"You are the champion of your health. Your health is in your hands. Will you always go visit your doctor for your health needs? Is your doctor not sick at times? If your doctor knows how to take care of his/her health, why is he/she sick at times? The health-care expert is a trained professional. He/she administers what he/she is trained to do and no more. God is the healer of all diseases.

You can heal yourself by diagnosing your symptoms using your horoscope, minding the food you eat as food containing your cell salt. You must know that you carry the equipment for healing in your body?the cerebrospinal nervous system?and so use it for meditation at sunrise or sunset.

You need to practice good morals, eat healthy foods, control your etheric body by wearing a gemstone, and honor the Sabbath. Wait on the Lord at sunrise or sunset."

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