Law and the Precarious Home

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This book aims to explore the emergent, and internationally widespread, phenomenon of precariousness, specifically in relation to the home. It maps the complex reality of the insecure home by examining the many ways in which precariousness is manifested in legal and social change across a number of otherwise very different jurisdictions. By applying innovative work done by socio-legal scholars in other fields, such as labour law and welfare law, to the home, the included essays offer a broader theoretical understanding of contemporary 'precarisation' of law and society. This book will enable reflections upon differential experience of home dependent upon class, race, and gender from a range of local, national, and cross-national perspectives. Finally, it will explore the pluralisation of ideas of home in subjective experience, social reality, and legal form. The answers offered in the book reflect the expertise and standing of the assembled authors who are international leaders in their field, with often decades of first-hand practical and intellectual engagement. (Series: Onati International Series in Law and Society) [Subject: Property Law, Socio-Legal Studies]