The EU Better Regulation Agenda

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Better Regulation in the EU is a perennial and topical question which has important implications for the future direction of EU law. While actions directed at improving the quality and accessibility of EU regulation are not novel, in recent years the Better Regulation Agenda has significantly affected the structural organization and day-to-day operation of the EU legislative process. Yet, many questions about the future of the Agenda remain, not least in light of Brexit. Exploring the Better Regulation Agenda (and its relation to the overall EU legal and political order) necessitates an integrated, interdisciplinary approach. This edited volume presents insights from economic, political science, and legal scholarship. Furthermore, it examines institutional practice where the Agenda is made and shaped on a daily basis. The book features contributions from the perspective of the work of the main EU institutions: the European Commission, the Parliament, the Council and the Court of Justice. This results in a seminal overview of the subject that will be of interest to scholars and practitioners alike. (Series: Modern Studies in European Law) [Subject: European Law, International Law, Litigation & Civil Procedure, Constitutional & Administrative Law, EU Law]