Religious Demography of India

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Much of public life in India is characterized by the forces of its religious demography. Each of the essays included here reflect the truism that religion unites as well as divides peoples. Religious demography not only decided the partition of India and Pakistan, but also continues to play a major role in India's democratic politics. A great anxiety about the Hindus being outnumbered has been kept alive in India. The differential growth rates of religious communities have therefore become a sensitive issue.

It is an established fact that there is an illicit dramatization of misrepresented statistics of the Census. Newspapers, magazines, television and even caste journals have propounded myths, with catchy titles. Demographers have, however, demonstrated that no major religious community in India has been declining in absolute numbers, except Parsis. This volume attempts to dispel some of the myths propagated by those who seek political power under the religious cover.