London Underground

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With a supporting text detailing the rich architectural and design heritage of the London Underground, this unique photographic collection provides a striking record of the subterranean city before financial pressures, a lack of planning and investment and new safety legislation began to take their toll. Exploring the fascinating history and important nostalgia value of the network—both aspects which are rarely appreciated by the average strap-hanging commuter—the book celebrates what remains a magnificent engineering and aesthetic achievement while providing an affectionate if slightly elegiac portrait of a London which is now gone for good.


Writer and journalist David Long has regularly appeared in The Times and the London Evening Standard, as well as on TV and radio. As well as being an award-winning ghostwriter, he has written a number of books on London, including Spectacular Vernacular, Tunnels, Towers & Temples, and Little Book of London. Jane Magarigal has been a freelance photographer specializing in black-and-white photography for over 35 years.