The Forgotten Lawmen 5

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See teaser. This book is the fifth in a series called "The Forgotten Lawmen." It is a collection of short stories recounting the life experiences of D.B. McCrea, a retired Game Warden from South Dakota.


Born in 1960 in Philadelphia. Moved to Aberdeen, SD in 1968. Attended May Overby Grade School, Simmons Jr. High, and graduated in 1977 from Aberdeen Central High School. My mentor during my high school years was Carl Dauman who taught biology and advanced biology. His encouragement and support led to my receiving the outstanding biology student award my senior year. I attended South Dakota State University from 1977-1981 graduating with a BS Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. I worked a variety of seasonal jobs with the Department of Game, Fish, and Parks during summer breaks and after college finally landing my first permanent, full-time job in Chamberlain, SD in 1982. I was responsible for fisheries management in the southern half of Wildlife Division Administrative Region 2. I had no interest to speak of in hunting until we were introduced to the sport by Lynn Keiper. By age 12 I knew I wanted to be a game warden and began to work toward that goal. I interviewed for the warden job which had just opened in Flandreau in August 1983. I was hired shortly thereafter and began my career as a game warden in an area of the state that hadn't had a game warden assigned to the district for 25 years. I was 23 years old about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The rest of my story regarding getting accepted, the roadblocks, the pernicious lies and rumors, the perseverance, and ultimate success are detailed in the book. But did it come at a cost. I gave up my health and my personal and social life because that's simply what was expected. I commend those new officers who don't fall into the trap and are able to work hard without being sucked down into the maelstrom. The pressure from both the public and the department to avail yourself 24 hours a day, day after day, is vicious and unrelenting. I had no idea what I was getting into and my inability or unwillingness to challenge the status quo probably accounts for the fact I never married and never seriously considered settling down. I was married to the job, for better or for worse, and the job won out.