Bank on Your Smart Device 2026
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"The world is quickly evolving from electronic banking to digital banking. Electronic banking was based on striped and EMV cards is quickly evolving to a new era based on a variety of smart devices, their applications and digital wireless transmissions. These smart devices include a new era based on a variety of units including smartphones, tablets and a variety of new digital communicating devices, mostly stored programs and wiresless transcaction devices. They are communicating via the internet with remote databases, many in Cloud configuration. Most will have migrated to a ""secure"" internet using the new SPARC Security Solutions. They will no longer require conventional PINs, Passwords or Encryption. No longer will Smart Device uses the subject to (1) misuse of loss/stolen devices; (2) misuse of overheard wireless transmissions between a smart device and the internet modem; and (3) you will not be subject to downloaded fraudulent applications, malware or viruses.
Reading this book and it's companion ""Secure Your Internet Use"", both available now!"

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