Subtle Implications
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"Subtle Implications is a defining clarification of the human experience as presented in the story of the author?s life, and expressed in his ?Theories of Everything. Through his unrelenting quest to understand and come to terms with life?s wide variety of apparently random events, he developed a methodology we can use to analyze and understand the madness. At the very least, the author offers the opportunity to gain the insight and strength needed to cope with even the worst of life?s emotionally crippling crises.

? What are the true natures of our physical and spiritual realities?

? How did our Universe begin?
? Why are we here?
? Why do bad things happen in our lives?
? What happens when we die?
? Do we live again?

Life is not that complicated. Pertinent information and the proper perspective can help you see life as your own creation. You alone are responsible for the present state of every facet of your life.

Together we are responsible for every aspect of the world that greets us every morning. Together we can create a world where a comfortable life is the rule and not the exception. It is all up to us!"

Exhibited At: International book fairs