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A Pocketful of Love by Elizabeth Trott from AuthorPro Creatives and Marketing

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    Elizabeth Trott
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    Paperback / softback
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    GBP 8.99
  • Publication Date:
    July 14, 2009
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  • Length:
    75 pages

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A Pocketful of Love is a collection of God Inspired Poems that in some cases come from Personal Heartfelt Experiences regarding Love, Loss, "DAD" Exasperation with someone "Stressed". Thanks for Help during a difficult time in life "When". Some just from a Comment or phrase that I've heard. "It's Not Nearly Frozen". Seeing the sheer beauty of God's Creation around me and how the clouds in the sky looked that day "Paintbrush". To sayings we use or used "Sayings". Included Importantly within Poems sharing My Faith as a Christian from Jesus Christ Birth "The Truth Behind Christmas". "Checklist". To His Death in 'God's Greatest Gift". How do I Tell others about My Faith "Don't Dare to Be”? A Pocketful of Love is Me in a proverbial nutshell. NB: From Someone's Trying My Patience - 'Pass the shotgun please' is being used an Extremely Exaggerated Frustration and Annoyed Metaphor regarding How I Felt Towards Someone in a Particular Moment in Time. I WAS NOT ASKING OR LOOKING FOR ONE TO USE. I DON'T ADVOCATE GUN VIOLENCE.

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1 Someone's Trying My Patience 37 Sayings
3 Oh Bother! 40 Silence
4 Ouch! 42 To Others
6 Stressed 44 Tomorrow
8 When All Around 46 Listen
9 A Father Is 47 A Child
10 Not Nearly Frozen 49 Unconditional Love
12 Me 51 Standing
13 Doubt 53 Love
15 Don't Dare To Be 55 A New Life
16 I Didn't Doubt 56 Tell Them
18 Strength 58 Who Put Glitter
19 I Know 59 Paintbrush
21 DAD 60 A Marvellous Thing
23 When 61 Gifts
24 One Step 62 Appreciate
25 Mistakes 64 God's Greatest Gift
27 Too Busy 66 A Gift
29 Money Isn't Everything 68 Christmas Time
31 To Buy 70 The Truth Behind Christmas
33 Peace and Quiet 72 Checklist
34 Duty 74 New Year
36 Do My Best

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Married to Nigel, we have two grown up sons. I was born into and brought up in a Loving Christian Family, the youngest of two children. We Lived in a Close-knit Coal Mining Community in the South Wales Valleys, UK, where everyone knew each other. My Father was a Timekeeper, my Mother stayed at home looking after the family. I became a Christian or rather Asked Jesus to Come into My Heart and Life when I was 13 years old. Nigel and I met during our final year at Comprehensive School. We were married in 1983 by my father, who was also our Pastor. Our sons arrived in 1987 and 1990 respectively, bringing different life challenges as well with a child with Learning difficulties. My first job as a clerical assistant for a national employer from October 1979 to February 1987. Then a break for seven years to start and raise a family. Returning to work in 1994 for the Local Authority firstly as a Library Assistant, then redeployment into their Social Services Department until I needed to leave paid employment in November 2010 due to health issues. During this time, we were both involved with Christian Youth Work. Personally, I was also fully involved with our sons’ schools including Fourteen years as part of a School Governing Body until July 2011. Since then, things have changed. Nigel and I moved to Paignton in the beautiful English Riviera in 2013. Our sons still live in an equally beautiful South Wales Writing God Inspired Poetry has and is an Integral Part of Me. which started in 1990 culminating with a friend suggesting that these Poems should be published, hence the Birth of 'A Pocketful of Love' in July 2009. There are still more to come...