The Wrath Of The Dead
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The Wrath Of The Dead is a documentary on the history of rich cultural heritage of Enugu Ezike, the largest single community in West-Africa and a true life (Ndishi) story have been in existence for many decades and it is believe to be watch of the gods and their four-father over family where the secret of the deed wife did was brought to light by a cause beyond human being physical conception and the story has predominantly occurrence in the family of most people in the community and of cause which i have witness some of them the community Enugu Ezike happened to be my home town.
This book will give you detailed history of Enugu-Ezike cultural heritage and the story of Ndishi age long tradition which makes Enugu-Ezike women turn to be most beautiful bride in the whole South-eastern part of Nigeria and this culture has remain binding on all Enugu-Ezike oba descendants even outside the shore's of their town, including foreign country and any women married to an Enugu-Ezike indigenes from any part of the world.


Okoro Innocent Obinna popularly known as Obaino Chris is the Author of "The Wrath of The Dead, Banal of Beggars, 10 Powers Of Greatness and Secret to Success.
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Table of content.


PART ONE. History of Enugu-Ezike.

Section1.1. Ancestry.

Section1.2. Vocations.

Section 1.3.Unifying Factor.

Section 1.4. Fetish activities.

Section 1.5. Commercial activities.

Section 1.6. Giant strides.

Section 1.7. System of government.

Section 1.8. Chieftaincy titles.

PART TWO. Ndishi story in Anambra state.

Section 2.1. The queen unimaginable art.

Section 2.2. Ndishi the spiritual being.

Section 2.3. Binding on all Ezike-oba descendants.

Section 2.4. Enokpa deity connection.

Section 2.5. Ezike women turn beautiful brides.

PART THREE. Ndishi story in portharcourt.

Section 3.1. Inappropriate home coming.

Section 3.2. Uncontrolled crying.

Section 3.3. Journey to the village.

Section 3.4. Umuogbo Inyi kinsmen emergency meeting.

Section 3.5. Agbedo ogbo necessary rituals.