Nomad's Journal: A Kurtherian Gambit Series (Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Book 11)
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More About This Title Nomad's Journal: A Kurtherian Gambit Series (Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Book 11)


Nomad’s Journal is a supplement to the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles. This collection of short stories fills in some timeline gaps from the main series, adds depth to some of the characters, and hopefully adds more color to TH & Char’s universe.

It is probably best read in conjunction with the series, taking care with the timeline to keep events in a chronological order.

For those who don't want hints to the ending of Bethany Anne and Michael being back together, skip the added extra chapter at the end of the book! 

The reviews for Terry Henry Walton are amazing!“Darn if that wasn't one fine story. Craig Martelle has really out done himself in the final book in this leg of Terry Henry Walton's journey to the stars. Excellent from start to finish.”

“It's been a great ride from the beginning and the apocalypse to looking forward to the reunion of BA, Michael and all the TH family. I have thoroughly enjoyed every word I've read. Likely will need to start over and read them again before blasting off to the stars. Some apocalyptic books are depressing. End of the world and everything sucks. Great job on making it a different story. Hope, love, ingenuity, humor and a dang good story line.

”From the American Revolution where a Forsaken, a vampire named Joseph stood in the presence of Patrick Henry and the other founding fathers to the time when mankind prepares to leave Earth for the next great adventure, there’s a little something for almost everyone.
·Gene and Fu
·Sue and Timmons
·Joseph and Patricia
·Kaeden and Marcie
·Terry and Char
· And more.

Enjoy the stories. Enjoy the world where justice is mankind’s most significant export.