Whispers from the Trees
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"The many beautiful trees on this planet, in fact, do have a voice and an option on many subjects all over the globe. They are happy to help us and give their options to guide us as we make our journeys together. They give us valuable insights into our past, present, and future lives.

They all have a name by which they are known. The name is chosen by themselves from a family name and then adding something new. It is their mark of honor in this world. The trees often have very long lives, which give them accolades on their return home. After many lives and accolades, they achieve qualifications to become a master in their own right?a master of evolution.

The trees have a name for this book, refering to it as The Book. It holds their precious memories and stories that otherwise would be lost forever as, previously, only their souls remembered their journeys. They have much wisdom to help us on our journeys and much insight as to how we can all live together. The reason as to why we are all here at this given time is to facilitate all our journeys and to learn to grow our souls.

This book has a unique blend of love and kindness to teach us about the planet we live on and the space around us, while encouraging us to live life to the fullest with wisdom, love, and compassion for all.

They talk about their lives in the present moment, their view on their future lives, while sharing past lives in other forms, mainly human lives as they were the forerunners on this planet, before us, protecting many lands with the freedom we still have today. They have witnessed the wars we bought upon ourselves, the state of our planet today, and so many things. They still give those words with love and kindness, hoping we will learn wisdom and compassion along the way. The one thing they wish us to learn is one cannot be without the other. We are you, and you are us."

Exhibited At: International book fairs