Any Body Can Derive Everything From Geometry Of Dimensions
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Dear Anybody, Who am I? I am anybody, and I am in this universe as much as it is in I. What is I? I is a sphere full of absolute consciousness. SOUL, the source of universal light, is what really minds our existence, and it is not mind over matter. It is only mind that matters. This books purpose is to illustrate the truth about singularity of soul consciousness using fundamental geometry of dimensions, GOD. The universe is a multidimensional i-sphere, and we humans are capable of interpreting it as four-dimensional dual torus inside a three-sphere, which consists of Riemann two-sphere as soul. The soul is the simplest of the complex manifolds within the three-sphere. Mind and body constitute the remaining complexity. Soul consciousness is the ethereal fifth element that creates, sustains, and dissolves us all in to itself in a toroidal flow. A great scientist once thought about what it would be like to travel at the speed of light and came up with the theory of relativity. Now its our turn to wonder what it would be like to be the space-time itself and experience the singularity of I and realize the absolute divine view theory of everything. Wisdom is more important than imagination, which is more important than knowledge, for all that we know is just an imagination chosen wisely. Zero = I = Infinity. I think; therefore, we are. Love, SriDattaDev