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Tubby the Tabby by Muhammad Ashraf Mohd Salleh from AuthorPro Creatives and Marketing

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  • Illustrator:
    Muhammad Ashraf Mohd Salleh
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    Trafford Publishing
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    USD 15
  • Publication Date:
    January 29, 2013

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Tubby The Tabby Travels to Meet Children from Different Countries  Tubby The Tabby Travels to Meet Children from Different Countries
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Tubby The Tabby is a Children’s Picture Book about a cat called Tubby. He is an
protagonist who has amusing yet peculiar habits. Even though he has those strange
and they got him into a “sticky” situation, his owners never fail to care for him.
Hence, the book’s main purpose is to teach children about empathy and the need to care
for our loved ones unconditionally despite their idiosyncrasies. Furthermore, the book
is written in rhyme and rhythm so it can be read like a jingle. This makes it easier
for children to remember the story and learn the value of empathy. This book also aims
to teach children about feelings. It provides them an avenue to explore various
emotions such as joy and wonder, via the simple and expressive illustrations. With
those illustrations, children are able to read the pictures and use their imagination
to tell the story in their own creative ways. Couple with the text of the story, the
illustrations teach children about verbs too, for example, purr, jump, tickled and
more. All in all, this story is funny and fun-loving which makes it perfect for a
parent and child storytelling sessions.

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Ashraf is an Art Teacher, Author, Illustrator and Parent of five. He achieved the MOE
Teaching Award and honours in Psychology. His daily interactions with children and his
interest in Psychology has led him to write and illustrate picture books; Tubby the
Tabby, Butter-fly and When I Open My Mouth.

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- Tubby the Tabby is such an entertaining and engaging book! My child loves reading it
over and over again...especially like the rhyming poems. Perfect for bedtime stories. An
ideal gift to consider for the coming children's Day!
- Author Muhammad Ashraf Mohd Salleh along with Tubby the Tabby was very engaging and
sporting at our first Meet-the-Author and reading session last weekend. The parents and
children too had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close with Ashraf and went home
with an autographed book.
- Congrats! Love the book! May you be inspired to write more
- My favorite prediction and rhyming book.
- She's crazy about Tubby I tell you. We read this and Butter-fly many times a day.
- Tubby the Tabby, a very very chubby cat!
I'm glad to have a friend who is also contributing to the world of children's literature.
I enjoy reading this book to my children for their bedtime story. My girl especially
loves Tubby the chubby cat. Muhd Ashraf, thank you for writing this cute story for our
- She loves this book Tubby the Tabby written by Muhd Ashraf. She reads it almost every
night... She asked 'How he draws the pics? How he wrote the story? How he got the idea
etc...' She's still in awe that I know a real author. She reads the book out loud with
glee and loving the rhymes... She loves the illustrations too Can help me answer her
questions, Mr Ashraf?