And So the Thunder Comes
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"Lubeck, a powerful Norseman is innocently fishing with his son, when his boat is attacked. His son is kidnapped and Lubeck enslaved. He swears not to die chained to an oar, but instead, intends to break free and find his son before he stands with his forefathers in Valhalla.

After Lubeck and his fellow slaves manage to orchestrate an escape, which sweeps them into the ocean and eventually strands them on a beach. Lubeck, aided by his loyal companion Thorsten, transform the former galley slaves into a formidable army. They embark on a dangerous quest to rescue their loved ones and have their revenge against those who enslaved them. Lubeck leads his Gurlemeck warriors from northern Viking territories to the equatorial tropics and through numerous battles. But when they are unwittingly drawn into a deceitful and traitorous power struggle that tests their abilities, courage and determination, only time will tell if they will prevail and complete their mission, or die trying."

Exhibited At: International book fairs