Wet Wings
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"""Wet wings- The Wrath of real love is about a young man, Quinton, who wakes up devastated and emotionally drained by a montage of heartbreaks, but as his days go on, he stumbles into fate and mysteriously meets the love of his weary life- a beautiful lost angel from a different world- one who’d change the course of his destiny.

And through their deeply magnified love, they realize just how wrathful love can really be if it’s not wielded with caution.

The two lovers must travel through Quinton’s subconscious world by diving deeper into his dreams and nightmares in order to retrieve his happiness. They must battle through his depression by vanquishing the evil hovering over his soul, to set him free from his monsters and to break the chains which bind from his freedom.

Quinton’s greatest liberation struggle is to find peace within his damaged heart.

This mystical novel turns into a colorful, romantic, adventurous thrill to seek redemption, to become a better man in society and to find love within the trenches of a dark reality- to conquer darkness and to find light within one’s soul…"""

Exhibited At: International book fairs