God's Child
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"God?s Child is the story of Nancy Biggs and Tim McNally, both of whom attended Catholic grade schools. When they seek ways to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ, the two soon learn that service to the church is circumscribed by a male-dominated hierarchy that dictates roles for men and a role for women. Tim?s perspective?influenced by his mentor, a priest of the old guard?aligns with the church?s prescribed roles. Nancy, on the other hand, must submit to the power of the men in Rome or fight against the church?s institutionalized sexism. In her struggle for equal treatment, Nancy gains the support of four priests.

Meanwhile, the pope makes a pilgrimage to Fatima to commemorate the 105th anniversary of the Blessed Virgin?s appearance to three Portuguese children. In his remarks, he announces a change in the life of the Catholic Church that shakes the institution to its foundations and liberates Nancy to follow her true calling, and Tim to question his professed vocation. God?s Child explores the personal lives of two people of faith, and the epochal saga of a historic change in the life of the Church."

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