The Federal Bureau of Utter Nonsense
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More About This Title The Federal Bureau of Utter Nonsense


"Real life and politics in the 21st Century are even stranger than the elaborate world of virtual reality in which modern citizens spend most of their time. Cryogenically frozen for fifty years, Neil Hamilton was resuscitated and just started his new job as department head of the Federal Bureau of Utter Nonsense. He?s a confused outsider trying to make it on the Washington inside.

Thanks to virtual reality, Neil receives any number of unexpected visitors. One is Harvey Fisk, an old buddy from Neil?s time spent working for the Los Angeles Tribune. Another is Janet Kennedy, the Secretary of State and Neil?s boss, who just happens to closely resemble the woman Neil loved before he was frozen.

When Harvey disappears in the virtual reality world, Janet asks Neil to go find him. It turns out the Secretary of State is about to marry Harvey, but, first, he must be found. With Congress about to open for the year?and Neil accidentally developing feelings for Janet?they descend into a virtual world of falsehoods and confusion that really isn?t very different from reality."

Exhibited At: International book fairs