His Bat Is His Calling Card
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"This is George Gilliam?s informative account of how he combined discipline, physical fitness training, tennis principles (which were fine-tuned while he was in the air force and working at E. R. Squibb & Sons), as well as techniques learned from reading different baseball books to help teach his son Isiah how to play baseball. He also read books and magazines about great players, like his cousin James William ?Junior? Gilliam.

Learning about past and present Major League players, especially the Negro league players, helped to serve as an example to help motivate Isiah to study players, especially switch hitters that had similar characteristics and played similar positions as Isiah. The game of baseball mirrors our society, and working hard every day is one of the main keys to success. The journey Isiah has traveled revolves around several important key points that help to make the game of baseball more than just a game.

First, His Bat Is His Calling Card shares with the reader how the game of baseball has helped Isiah to build bridges with other nations. Learn the value of cultural diversity, the importance of staying in shape, being a proactive citizen, staying focused in school, having short- and long-term plans to achieve success, taking into consideration the decline of African American baseball players in professional baseball. These taught Isiah the importance of understanding the past and present history of Major League Baseball as it pertains to African Americans; this was one of main goals as he ascended from playing T-ball and started playing for the NY Yankees organization.

I felt compelled to share his journey with parents and kids who also have dreams of someday playing baseball in high school, college, or the Major Leagues."

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