Not So Politically Correct
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"Martha Howald grew up on a farm, and she loved spending time with her dad.

Even when he was loading manure onto a spreader, there she?d be with a little pitchfork, doing her part to clean up the mess from the cows and hogs.

During summers, the family would often go to Lake Erie, where they?d fish and spend time on the beach.

In fourth grade, she was thrilled when her older brother returned home from the army and started dating her favorite teacher?Miss Hill. The two would end up getting married, and Martha couldn?t have been happier.

Seeing her grandparents was always a treat: Her grandma would make delicious, thick maple syrup to put on biscuits, and her grandfather always kept candy in a little dish. These small things meant a lot.

During her senior year of high school, she began dating a boy named Frank, who would become her husband of sixty-four years. One day at baseball practice, she walked by, and he took his eye off the ball, losing a tooth as a result.

Join Martha as she recalls funny moments, challenges conquered, and lessons learned over a life that?s been not-so-politically Correct."

Exhibited At: International book fairs