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The Land of the Living by Penelope de la Haya from Penelope Ash

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  • (Into Eternity)
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    USD 20.99
  • Publication Date:
    January 30, 2018
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    70 lb.

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  • Penelope Ash
Penelope Ash

Offered By Penelope Ash

Penelope de la Haya is a woman of varied background and experience. She was reared on a Texas ranch, graduated early from High School and became an Interior Decorator. She has always been passionate about travel, children and her faith. She has visited almost every state in the United States and tra...

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This book is the final book in a trilogy which chronicles the journey of the main character as she travels through time. In this volume, her experience takes her from an earthly reality into a spiritual reality, often referred to as the Other Side. She finds herself in an extraordinary, dynamic, spiritual realm.