Where Is My Home?
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"Walt Whitman said, ?Home is where the heart is.? Children may stray, but within them is a desire for the love, care and safety of home. Sometimes bad choices or circumstances hinder their return, but like the prodigal son, they finally realize ?there?s no place like home.?
?Where Is My Home?? is based on a true story about a cat named Sonic who was described as ?born to be wild.? When given the opportunity to be free, he realized that he wanted to go home. To get there, he traveled 30 miles as he battled weather, animals, people, hunger, sleep, sickness, traffic, loneliness and fear. When he arrived home nine months later, he entered the garage and snuggled into the quilt where he was born. Though ?born to be wild,? he found ?there is no place like home.? It could be called the story of the prodigal cat."

Exhibited At: International book fairs