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More About This Title Scion|ce


"As if handling a boomerang flung into the future, the author tells astonishing, captivating, and incredible stories about what society may be like in the middle of this century. He gives the future a voice, just as if we were there. The originality of the narrative lies in the scientific rigor blended with a humorous and sometimes even ironic vision. His portrait of the future is nevertheless realistic as it is derived from the imminent technological revolutions and the multidisciplinary experience of the sector?s top-tier experts.

Scion|ce is a vivid and lucid dream on the inescapable and exponential technological confluences. Thereby the author urges all of us to meditate on this future in which technology is subjugated to humans, but with a constant threat of humans becoming subjugated to technology. Hence, this wakeup into the future is meant to enlighten and future-proof decision-making at all levels of society.

As the author rightly says, ?Let us write the history of the future together. The history of the past will write itself?."

Exhibited At: International book fairs