Designing Your Own Unique and Dazzling Life
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"Designing Your Own Unique and Dazzling Life

The first experience is heart-pounding exhilaration.

With humility, I wanted to bear witness to how interesting, fulfilling, and wonderfully exciting life can be when you live with the belief of the power of positive force. Regardless of the nature of one?s work or education, people strive to achieve their ?creative best? output. As a result, one can enjoy the sweet memory of dynamic stories of someone saving a person?s life or rescuing a family or even a nation. I can easily imagine how rewarding it would be for a doctor to apply his or her own creative craft to save a person?s life despite a 1 percent chance of success.

I am reminded over and over again that the secret to happiness is confronting and overcoming adversities even where creative best efforts did not appear adequate. The first experience is heart-pounding electricity. My memories of those first experiences where I took the challenge without cowering are still fresh in my mind. What followed those first experiences energized and excited me as I looked forward to the fruits of my labor.

I also want to share my personal realization of unique and dazzling experiences of creative best efforts not only with my peer patent attorneys but also with all other professionals, business people, and my good neighbors on this planet.

(from prologue)"

Exhibited At: International book fairs