Marvin Smalheiser Legacy with Tai Chi
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More About This Title Marvin Smalheiser Legacy with Tai Chi


"This book is an accumulation of Master Marvin Smalheiser?s writing in the T?ai Chi magazine from its inception in 1977 till 2016.

Master Smalheiser was the editor and the owner of T?ai Chi magazine, and he published only an article related to tai chi. He was a practitioner as well as a teacher. He lived what he thought was the best way of life?helpful, humble, and down-to-earth.

This book covers many aspects and benefits of tai chi as a martial art that Master Smalheiser felt to write about. Some of the topics are meditation, relaxation, self-defense, the types of tai chi, history, health, personal interviews with masters in the US and abroad, and more. It was Master Smalheiser?s wish to write books about tai chi, but his untimely death did not allow him to get the books done.

I do not know much about tai chi; therefore, I gathered some of his writings and made this book to benefit all the tai chi practitioners as Master Smalheiser wanted. It is my wish that the tai chi enthusiasts will enjoy the book and remember Master Marvin Smalheiser."

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