Making of an African Giant. (1,050 pages)
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More About This Title Making of an African Giant. (1,050 pages)


The performance of Nigeria has recently been vehemently criticized as not commensurate with her human and material potentialities. The hope that Nigeria is by destiny the African Giant appears to be fading. Some analysts, seeing this, have blamed it on the character defects of the leadership in Nigeria. They argue that because the leaders are “predatory and corrupt”, they have preoccupied themselves with their interests which are “primitive accumulation and luxury lifestyles”. Meanwhile, the rest of the citizens are suffering.
This book argues that such character defects may indeed exist in some of Nigerian leaders. However, these are not the main reasons for their dismal performance regarding the welfare of the citizens. The main problem is that Nigerian leaders appear to have largely lost control over the state and its policies, which appear to have been captured by the dominant classes and groups - local and international. Nigeria’s main problem is therefore, a structural one.
Nonetheless, the book postulates, as the security, economic, political and social crises intensify; Nigerian leaders, even if it is simply for self-preservation, will be forced by the objective conditions, to move against the interests of these dominant classes and groups. Once these events occur, there will be significant policy changes to carter for the welfare and well-being of the majority of Nigerian citizens. It is only then that Nigeria can realistically be restored to the possibility of becoming an African Giant.