Griz Finds Gold: A Story About California
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More About This Title Griz Finds Gold: A Story About California


This fun combination of original fable and factual information introduces young readers to the state of California through an entertaining and educational story based on the state symbols, history and geography. Take a trip through California as Griz, the grizzly bear searches for gold. Along the way Griz meets new friends and learns about the animals, plants, geography, and culture that make California a great state! In addition to the illustrated story, interesting and informative factual sidebars about the state are found throughout the book. A treasure-hunt map plots the journey and a cultural recipe is also included. This book ends with state facts at a glance, a reading comprehension quiz, and more things to see and do around California with a map showing the locations. This title is a great way to explore California in preparation for state reports or family vacations! Super SandCastle is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.