God Made Marijuana

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"As the debate rages on over the legality of marijuana use and cultivation, what if the final word on the use and cultivation of marijuana was actually found in the Word?the Holy Bible? And what if God?s Word actually said that cannabis was not only morally and ethically acceptable, but that it could help you mature spiritually and bring you closer to God?

God Made Marijuana: A Modern Moral-Ethical Argument Supporting the Use, Cultivation, and Legalization of Cannabis shows you why it?s okay with God if you smoke, cultivate, or use marijuana. Exploring the role of cannabis in medicine, politics, history, religion, and society, author Santos O. González, PhD, provides scriptural evidence that shows that marijuana is good physically, emotionally, and spiritually?and that individuals are not breaking any biblical moral code that prohibits its use for medicinal, recreational, or spiritual purposes. God Made Marijuana also describes how the prohibition of marijuana and the ?war on drugs? are politically and culturally constructed aberrations of the truth that have no grounding in God?s moral authority.

With justifications that are rooted in the final authority?God, the Bible, and other sacred texts?users of cannabis or marijuana can continue without guilt. But even more, they can move forward with the knowledge that their use can help them expand their consciousness and grow closer to God."

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