Goose Chase
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"After Salem?s chief of police unexpectedly retires, Detective James O?Connor is suddenly burdened with preparing the town for its annual sandcastle competition. As if that is not bad enough, a dead body has just been found, dressed like a leprechaun with a sword through his chest and the killer?s calling card tied to his big toe.

With no witnesses except a freelance reporter whose vague description of the possible assailant is less than helpful, it appears O?Connor is now immersed in a challenging case that he must try to solve before the sandcastle competition begins. When an eight-year-old girl is abducted and killed while on her way to school, O?Connor once again finds the killer?s calling card attached to her toe with a strange message. Now O?Connor must rely on his street smarts and gut instincts to stay one step ahead of a serial murderer who appears to be randomly killing his victims and smart enough not to leave any concrete evidence behind. Will he manage to catch the killer before another victim falls prey?

Goose Chase shares the gripping tale of a serial killer?s rampage and a determined police detective?s quest to stop him."

Exhibited At: International book fairs