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More About This Title Celebration(s)


"Celebrations is a story based on true incidents in the lives of two sisters. It is an inspirational story of pain, hope, and recovery. The sisterhood of Pat and Dee promotes and invites the desire to remain innocent and pure, yet sustains the shattering demonic violence of their father's requirement that beauty is equated to provocative sin and under-achievement is an unforgivable sin. It is the story of the common-ness of heroes --- those who do not make the newspaper, nor find their way to a television spot for a fifteen-minute center-of-the-universe.

What we read here is a true and honest journey of women who were incredibly abused, both mentally and physically, and how it takes its toll on them --- yet they fight back to take control of their lives, sometimes faltering in their decisions, but nonetheless, asserting their right to be individuals. The kinship of sisterhood is their road to recovering and their love for each other --- the road to freedom. Join them as they ask you to learn to live, cry, and love with dignity, and know that each person's existence mattered. This is a story of common heroes. They are you and I."

Exhibited At: International book fairs