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More About This Title Stumperland


"Stumperland is a story about a great sequoia tree named Woodward Stumpingham. He lives in this magical forest that is like a Shangri-la, which he created for all the sick and dying animals and nature to come back to life. He?s old but very wise and knows if he doesn?t teach the kids the secret of the universe, the earth will perish. Woodward does this with the help of six heroes, which he calls his positive force team. The positive force team is like Woodward?s police force, which he sends out into the real world to mow over the Negators, the bad people of the town who just don?t care about saving the earth.

His six heroes are Mookie and Dookie, two chimpanzees who left the circus to live in Stumperland; the Doolie brothers, two duty trucks that were worked like slaves in a lumberyard and found by Mookie and Dookie who drive them into Magic Lake, which brings them to life; and Malibu Mitch and Mikey (better known as MT II), who are two orphan boys who met Mookie and Dookie for the first time at the Mean Brothers Cafe in a game of shooting pool, which turns into a chaotic, outrageous pool-hall scuffle. That?s when Malibu Mitch and MT II are rescued by the Doolie brothers and are taken into Stumperland for their very first time.

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Exhibited At: International book fairs