Expired Listings
A buoyant, commendable mystery that piles on red herrings with ferocity and glee--Kirkus Reviews

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"Expired Listings is a sumptuous and starkly original mystery in which real estate agent Dana Black finds herself chasing a killer instead of just a listing. D.M. Barr's debut effort mimes the best from Sue Grafton, Susan Isaacs and Judith Krantz with an aplomb normally reserved for a far more seasoned writer in a tale that satisfies at every level. Splendid, searing, and sensational!"
--Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of The Rising

Kirkus Reviews:
A buoyant, commendable mystery that piles on red herrings with ferocity and glee. In this debut thriller, a woman decides to look into the murders of fellow real estate brokers when it seems that someone's setting her up as a patsy.

Dana Black is one of some 2,000 Realtors in Rock Canyon. It's a profession that doesn't get much respect from the townspeople, particularly considering an agency's underhanded stunt to garner public sympathy and the unexplained disappearance of a "problem client." So when a couple of agents turn up murdered, cops aren't very interested. Dana,however, is worried about her lack of alibis. Suffering from intermittent blackouts, she can't account for her whereabouts during the first murder. BDSM play partner, Dare, is her alibi for the second homicide, but he has reason to keep mum about their encounters.

Dana finds an ally in private eye Aidan Cummings, who asks her to join him in questioning locals because they'll likely be more responsive to a familiar face. It isn't long before Cummings is more appealing than Dare, despite the detective's conventional sex life making him boring vanilla. As the murderer continues targeting Realtors, it's clear a frame-up is in the works (for example, a car that looks suspiciously like Dana's). With a sordid past and her estrangement from hateful, sickly mom, Cassandra Beckett, and older, top-selling broker sister, Melanie, Dana has incentive to track down a killer.

Though the murder mystery's initially muted, focusing on Dana's sexual escapades with Dare, Barr's story gradually becomes a dense, twist-laden excursion. Dana's history, for one, is rife with trauma--Dad died on her 6th birthday--and curious motives later come to light, including Cassandra wanting no association with her younger daughter. Dana's not quite as kinky as she asserts, specifically indexing her various limits. Nevertheless, the woman torn between sexually enticing Dare and charming Cummings faces a dishy dilemma. And despite her worries, Dana's nonexistent alibis aren't much of an issue; she's actively involved in the investigation,spearheaded by Cummings (per orders from the short-on-manpower captain), who believes in her innocence. But she's unequivocally in danger by the end, and the spiraling final act, culminating with the killer's staggering reveal, is an exhilarating ride.

Review: 5 Star
'Bile makes for a lousy lunch.'
By Grady Harp
HALL OF FAME -TOP 100 REVIEWER -VINE VOICE on October 27, 2016
Subtitled 'An Erotic Novel of Psychological Suspense" Barr is quickly recognized as a fine comedic writer with an edge on parody...Barr has taken a series of topics - a satire of corruption in business, mystery, and BDSM and 'the universal need for validation and the toxic nature of revenge' and proves herself to be a hugely successful new writer. She possesses a rich imagination and seems to gain great glee in sharing that trait by offering a novel that has something for every reader - from consumers of mysteries to addicts of erotica and those who love to be immersed in parody. Every page explodes with dark humor and some fine pokes at established thoughts. Keep an eye on her - she is blooming.

Review: 5 Stars
Expired Listings by D.M. Barr is a thrilling story that combines enthralling plot and detail, all delivered in flawless style. Right away, the story came to life with a gripping scene that had me feeling like I was watching a scene out of 'Criminal Minds', only better. D.M. Barr effortlessly captures the intensity of the moments and characters' emotions to draw you in and completely immerse you in the story, luring you to go with her on this engrossing journey filled with a mix of pain, pleasure, romance and darkness; and she blends all this together perfectly without allowing one part to overshadow another. Every time I thought I was close to figuring it all out, D.M. Barr threw in a fresh curve ball that made me question my theories, with a mother of all twists at end that made me realise how wrong I had been all along. D.M. Barr wrote an absolute winner that cuts across genres and delivers an amazing experience. -- Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Review: 5 Stars
Expired Listings by D.M. Barr is a masterful blend of a number of genres, exploring a serial murder investigation, kinky BDSM, and the intricacies that color the real estate industry....D.M. Barr is a master at weaving a mysterious tale around murder and sex and leaving readers exhilaratingly longing for more. Most readers will love the psychological depth of the story, the mind of a killer who considers eliminating realtors as a form of deactivating their licenses for good...From the moment that one opens the book, a lot starts happening, things that seem so well interconnected. I fell in love with the characters, the rawness of language at times, and the awesome writing. Note that this isn't a book for those who aren't used to sex scenes and raw talk. Expired Listings is a story that will entertain many people and explore what happens when the competition is stiff and professionals get desperate. Very brilliantly told mystery. --Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Review: 4 Stars
This book is full of humorous scenes and a lot of really interesting descriptions, including several about the BDSM-obsessed serial killer who is murdering all of these people, but the book never actually devolves into detailing out sex scenes or becoming too graphic. Instead, it sticks around in the realm of satire quite a bit and manages to remain entertaining and engaging without risking pushing a lot of audiences away by dipping into erotica. I saw very little of the story coming, and a few scenes caught me completely off-guard or made me cringe, but they never went too far to actually make me consider putting the book down. Expired Listings by D.M. Barr is a fun and raucous romp that will be a real winner with readers interested in a cross-genre work of fiction with a focus on the mysterious aspects. Great work! --Ryan Jordan for Reader's Favorite